About me

Hi there! Welcome to my little corner of solitude. For the non comic book readers the title is a Superman reference.

I was born in the Philippines but was raised and currently living in Australia. I work in the maintenance/engineering field, I’m a fitter-mechanic & electrician by trade.

I’m also a (rugby league) footy fan of the Cronulla Sharks. Go the SHARKIES!.

As a kid I used to get bored easily so most of the time I found myself randomly doodling and painting,. Unfortunately I’ve lost the majority of my illustrations and never kept up the pastime as I got older. However I do have some from my school-days to show, and I plan to take up the hobby once more.

My interests are as follows: video games, comic books, music, physics, philosophical polemics. So I will be dabbling in those topics. I have read mostly moral/political theorists such as Seneca, Nietzsche, Marx and Chomsky. But be ready to be disappointed (I’m not claiming to be an intellect) if what I write sounds like pseudo-philosophy and fluff by comparison. Some if not most will just be short blurbs and reiterations of concepts and ideas.

So as you have probably already guessed this will be a work in self-indulgence.