Red Sky Dragon

Airbrushed and oil painting.

The Iron tomb

This is a Rift dungeon, The Iron Tomb. It’s a speed run with my toon Simonsays through the level 50 expert version.

American democracy

The United States of America likes to think of itself as championing democracy. The U.S.A is a constitutional capitalist republic and…

Sting like a bee

Oil painting of an iconic image of Muhammad Ali, RIP.

Origin game 1

Queensland has won the first game of the 2016 State of origin series in a low scoring game. Queensland taking…

Ford Utility

1926 Model T Ford Utility, 20 horsepower, 177 cubic inch, inline four-cylinder engine.

Realm of the fae

I’ve been playing Rift, an MMO rpg, for a long time, in fact since it was launched. And I’ve decided…

That hectic feeling

In between work and social and family commitments, I’ve felt a little hectic. Not exactly overwhelmed but busy, almost bogged…

Civil War

This is one of the few comic book based movies I’ve seen that I have to say I’m pretty disappointed…

State of Origin teams

The teams for this year’s first State of Origin game has been announced. New South Wales: 1. Matt Moylan, 2….

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