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Sunrise sea

This is my attempt at a wet on wet oil painting of a seascape.

Misty mountains

Wet on wet oil painting. This is another attempt at mountain scenery, loosely based on the Middle Earth mountain ranges…

Red Sky Dragon

Airbrushed and oil painting.

Sting like a bee

Oil painting of an iconic image of Muhammad Ali, RIP.

Shark Attack

If you don’t already know the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks are now on top of the NRL ladder after winning their game…

The Punisher

Black and white oil painting of The Punisher. This is the Marvel comicbook character with the facial features of the…

Blue Still Lake

Wet on wet oil paint. So for mother’s day I wanted to do something serene and calm.

Orange winged

This is an oil and airbrushed painting of a bird, which I have no idea what type of bird species it…

Lest we forget

Oil painting inspired by Laurence Binyon’s poem Ode of remembrance. Specifically the following verse: They shall grow not old, as we…

Broken Tower

Oil painting, experimenting with darker foreground colours on a brighter background.

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